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My other web-site
TOPCON CLUB All about TOPCON cameras Japanese / English
Yokohama Mountain Passengers Old Japanese Trail Motor-bikes Japanese text

Rectaflex -The Magic Reflex- All about Rectaflex cameras by Mr.Marco Antonetto English / Italian All about the GaMi 16 camera by Mr.Gianni Giovannini English / Italian

Fotocamere Bencini All about Bencini cameras by Mr.Donato Consonni Italian text

Penguin 19's Compact Camera Japanese compact cameras Japanese text

寫楽彩 (Syarakuse) Many rare European cameras and lenses Japanese text

Instamatic Paradise All of 126 Instamatic cameras Japanese text

Camera Oasis members
オモカメワールド Many toy cameras and classic cameras Japanese text
Switar's Sweet Lot of Alpa cameras and lenses Japanes text
四四倶楽部 "44 Club" - Many 127 cameras Japanese / English


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